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The widespread color of the animal is reddish brown, this tint being imparted mainly by using the lengthy hairs of the fur. There is an inner and softer down of a gray colour, which lays subsequent the skin, and that's the precious growth of the fur. The overall period of the animal is about three feet and a half of, the flat, paddle-shaped, scale-blanketed tail being approximately a foot in period.

The young are introduced forth in April or May, from 3 to seven at a litter, and take to the water when a month antique. The first 4 years within the beaver's lifestyles is spent beneath the "maternal roof," after which era they take care of themselves. Beaver trapping effectively, requires the utmost warning, as the senses of the animal are so eager, and he's so perceptive withal, that he will hit upon the recent presence of the trapper from the slightest evidences. The traps should be washed smooth and soaked in lye, earlier than the use of, and thereafter dealt with with gloves, as an insignificant contact of the finger will leave a scent which the extreme sense of the beaver will without problems perceive. All footprints ought to be cautiously obliterated by way of throwing water upon them, and a few beaver trappers say that the mere act of spitting on the floor within the neighborhood of the traps has been known to thwart fulfillment.

Almost the only bait utilized in trapping the beaver is the preparation known as "bark stone" by means of the trappers, or "castoreum" in trade.

To the bark stone the beaver trapper is more often than not indebted for his achievement, and the effect of its scent at the beaver is something surprising. Our high-quality beaver trappers tell us that these animals will scent this odor for a extremely good distance, and will fairly "squeal with pride," not being easy until the savory bait is found, which nearly continually effects in seize.

Taking benefit of this curious tendency, the trapper usually consists of a supply of castoreum in a closed vessel.

There are diverse approaches of trapping beaver, of which we are able to present the first-class. An exam of the river financial institution will without difficulty reveal the feeding location of the beavers, as evinced by the absence of the bark on the branches and trunks of timber. At this spot, in approximately 4 inches of water, set your entice, which need to be a Newhouse No. 4. Weight the give up of the chain with a stone as massive as your head, and, if feasible, rest it on the brink of some rock projecting into deep water, having a smaller rope or chain leading from the stone to the shore. A small twig, the size of your little finger, need to then be stripped of its bark, and after chewing or mashing one cease, it should be dipped within the castoreum. Insert this stick in the dust, among the jaws of the entice, letting it mission about six inches above the water. The beaver is soon attracted by the scent of the bait, and in reaching for it; his foot is stuck within the trap. In his fright he will without delay leap for deep water, thus dislodging the stone, in order to sink him to the bottom, and thus drown him. The smaller chain or rope will function a guide to the lure, and the victim can be drawn to the floor. Another plan in beaver trapping is to set the entice in approximately a foot of water, chaining it speedy to a stout pole securely driven in the mud similarly out in the stream, and close to deep water. Bait as before. The trap being for that reason mounted will save you the efforts of the animal to pull it ashore, wherein he would be positive to amputate his leg and stroll off. There is any other method, that's stated to paintings excellently. The chain is secured to a completely heavy stone, and sunk in deep water, and the trap set and baited close to shore, in about a foot of water. This accomplishes the equal cause because the pole first defined, and is even surer, as the animal will on occasion use his teeth in severing the timber, and thereby make his get away. In the case of the stone a replica rope or chain may be required to boost it in case of seize.

The entice may be set at the doorway to the holes in the banks, two or three inches under water, implanting the stay with the castoreum bait directly over the pan, a few inches above the water. If the water should be deep close to this spot, it's miles an brilliant plan to weight the stop of the chain with a big stone with a "chief" from it additionally, as already defined. Insert  or 3 sticks in the bank beneath the water, and rest the stone upon them.

When the beaver is stuck he's going to flip a somersault into deep water, on the equal time dislodging the stone, with the intention to sink him. No quicker is a smash ascertained in the dam than all of the beavers unite in fixing it and this peculiarity of addiction can be became to account in trapping beaver. Make a moderate ruin in the dam, 5 inches throughout, underneath the water. On the below aspect of the wreck, and of path, at the inside of the dam, the trap need to be set. The beavers will soon discover the leak and the seize of as a minimum one is positive. The lure can be also set wherein the beavers move slowly to shore, being positioned numerous inches under the water in this kind of position that they will step on it whilst in the act of ascending the banks. Where the weighted stone is not used, the sliding pole must always be employed, as it's far necessary to drown the animal, to prevent amputation and escape.

The meals of the beaver consists mainly of the bark of various trees, together with aquatic plant life. The fur is treasured only within the overdue fall, winter, and early spring.

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